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THANK YOU for caring about the WASP and for your generous support our "Fly Girls" grassroots effort to honor the service of these remarkable pioneering patriots.

Your generosity has helped make sure that EVERY SURVIVNG WASP
received or will receive a bronze replica of The Congressional Gold Medal. Family representatives of deceased WASP attending the ceremony were also presented the medal.

May this honor for all of these pioneering women pilots continue to be a tangible thank you from all of us for their patriotic service to our country.

Your touching words of inspiration and support have been published on this page so that the WASP might be as touched as we have been. Thank you all.


"Thank you for your unselfish service and paving the way for women
in the aviation industry all over the world."

Women in Aviation International

"Congratulations to these historic icons who 'lead the way' for the rest of us in the USAF. You are the true heroic leaders of yesteryear and we, as a country, thank you for your faithful service to the armed forces and to the citizens of this blessed United States of America."
Teresa Gail Godin

"Thank you to all the dedicated ladies of WASP!
You came through in a time of need and your country Thanks you!"

Janice Curry

"Safe landing!"
Anthony Wildman

"On behalf of the women who serve"
Linda Herrmann

"How inspirational your stories are!"
Denise Wilson

" All the WASP's should be commended for their dedication and love of country. We thank all of you."
David and Susan Davies

"On behalf of the men and women of the 445th Airlift Wing at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio, we wish to congratulate all the WASPs on this long awaited and most deserved recognition. You have led the way for us and we continue to serve because of the leadership and path that you paved for us all. Godspeed to all of you."
CMSgt Peri Rogowski

"Thank you for your service to this Great Nation!"
MSgt Joseph Drake

"Thank you for being you! Without you we couldn't be who we are today! THANK YOU!"
Brad Eckhart, on behalf of Curves of Bowling Green, Ohio

"You served with dedication, were dismissed with disregard, yet reveled in your reminiscences, inspired the women of the generations that followed, and, finally, have received the distinction you deserve."
Edith Disler

"THANK YOU for your patriotism, tenacity, and service, then and now.


"Thank you for your service"
Jean Goudeau

"In honor of you all .Thank you ladies"
Charlotte Stickland

"The WASP have been an inspiration to us both and many have become our friends.
We are elated to see them honored with the Congressional Gold Medal."
Peggy and Jerry Chabrian

"Not only heroes for their nation; but, an inspiration for all women flyers that have taken to those same skies."

"We are here today because you came before us. We are living proof of your of your sacrifice
and your dedication and we thank you!"
Rosemary L. Albrecht, on behalf of ALL the women pilots of American Airlines

"Thank you for your service. Well deserved reocgnition."
Bridgitte Iwaszkiewicz, on behalf of Santa Clara Valley 99s

"On behalf of all Americans, I want to apologize for not recognizing you all much sooner.
Thank you for all you've done and for all that you represent."
Erin Reed

"Thank you for your service"
Michael Hurtado

"What an amazing committment to our country. Appreciation and recognition are long overdue for you all
. THANK YOU for paving the way for freedom and the advancement of women in all professions."
Lori Johnson

"Thank you for your service."
On behalf of the National Capitol Squadron of the CAF

"Thanks for paving the way for the rest of us."
Melissa Cook

"Thank you for your courage and your determination."

"Thank you to all my heroines for following your passion and in the process, paving the way."
Barbara Hothem

"We are honored to be allowed to show our appreciation to thos brave and honorable women pilots, those in attendance and those who have 'flown west'. Thank you".
Pamela Flesher, in honor of HK Flesher, with our thanks.

"Professional Women Controllers thank the WASP for paving the way for the rest of us."
Pamela Brophy

On behalf of Margo Cook, Ginny Woods, Pearl Chamberlain,
"thank you for what you did for your country and for inspiring women to become pilots.

"Congratulations on this honor - long overdue. Your service is greatly appreciated."
Leslie Colberg

"The WASP are an inspiration to me to be the best pilot I can be. Thank you for your service to the US."
Lin Caywood

"You set a standard that all military women were proud to follow."
Pula A. Quindlen, LtC (retired)

"Thank you for the courage many years ago and leading the way for today's women."
James Mackey

"Congratulations to all the WASP on this prestigious recognition for their wartime service. We love you!"
Patricia Beckman

"You are all true inspirations to every woman pilot."
Nancy Miller-Borg

"Saying 'thank you' seems so inadequate , given each and every WASP's selfless acts in a time of great need, but I still want to thank you. You are an inspiration to all female aviators!"
Amy McMaster

"As a former Air Force pilot, I know what you went through to get your wings, but can't even conceive of the struggles you endured in getting to that point. Your perseverence, dedication and commitment are examples that inspire us all, and if I may be so bold as to speak for those of us who wear those silver wings, we are humbled by all you've accomplished, and for that, we salute you! You will always have our honor, respect and gratitude for your sacrifices; we wish you calm winds, smooth rides and happy landings."
Jim Preston

"In honor of Every woman who workes in an aviation career field. I CAN because you DID. Thank you!"
Georgia Wuorio

"To all the WASP who blazed the trail to follow your dream."

"The confidence and bravery you showed in a time of war was instrumental in opening up aviation as a new professional field for women and we are all indebted for your pioneering efforts and sacrifices. Thank you."

"I am deeply grateful for the sacrifices you have made for our country. Thank you for your example of selflessness which will inspire many generations to come. "
Sue Langlie

"You made us all so proud! Your accomplishments helped make it possible
for women everywhere to do bigger and better things."

Elizabeth Vinson

"The WASP blazed the trail for us and we are proud to continue to honor their legacy."
Claudia McNight on behalf of Women Military Aviators, Inc.

"I'm polio survivor, and was therefore classified physically unfit for military service. Because of this I had few options but to rely on others to defend my liberty, and my freedoms. This is a debt I know I can never fully repay. I am grateful for this opportunity to honor those who stood in my place. May they be remembered... for ever."
Michael Dean

"Thank you so mych for all you have done. I am a pilot and might not be if it weren't for you."
Jill Demko

"I'm very proud of our WASP pilots whose servce has not been properly commended."
Donald G. Elliot

"Thank you for being such an inspiration to today's female military aviators!"
Melissa Hier

"Thank you for all you have done - you all are amazing! We owe you so much..".
Sara Saltzstein

"Your contributions during WWII are surpassed only by the legacy you leave behind for women in aviation, government and military service. Thank you is not sufficient but will have to do."
Virginia Volk

"Thank you for the love you showed for our country."



"In memory of WASP Frances Dias Gustavson, 43-W-2"
by Robert Irvine

"In memory of the fallen WASP not recognized for their contribution."
Teresa Gail Godin

In memory of WASP Helen Davis (nee Pain), 44-W-10
by Christine Townsend

In memory of Jacqueline Cochran
by Jack and Anita McEncroe

In memory of WASP Teresa James, WAF
"Congratulations. We are so glad you are finally receiving the recognition you have always deserved!"
by Kimberly and Barry Elsholz

In memory of Corporal Carl Jacob Textor, USAAF, WWI
"Your legacy lives today. Thank you."
by Phillip Textor

In memory of Pat Gladney, Patty Sherwood, Marg Standish, Jackie Petty
"Good friends-great pilots-greatly missed."
by Mayetta Behringer

In memory of WASP Ruth Florey, 43-W-4
by Elizabeth King

In memory of WASP Muriel Lindstrom Segall, 44-W-2
by Michelle Segall Bassett

WASP Gertrude 'Brownie' Krundig
"Gertrude was affectionately known by all as 'Brownie.' She flew everything there was to fly and loved every minute of it!"

WASP Margaret Ringenberg
"For being an inspriation to all women who flock to Oshkosh and volunteer"
Lidia Nonn

In memory of Bonnie Jean Dorsey (Shinski)

In memory of WASP Annie Jean Henry
Allyson Brooks

In memory of Dorothy E. Weise Hamberg
"My mother volunteered at USO and made parachutes during WWII"
by Pam Collins

Mildred Micky Axton
by Kathy Sadler McDonald
"It was an enormous privilege to have known Micky. She was an inspiration to me, and to so many others as well. Her pioneering spirit, her kind, thoughtful heart, and her zest for life will always be remembered."

Charles S. Jennings
by Richard Jennings

In memory of Pat Gladney, Patty Sherwood, Marg Standish, Jackie Petty
"Such wonderful memories and great stories you all shared."
by Jeanne McElhatton

In memory of Virginia P. Streeter and WASP Alberta Nicholson,
the two women who helped inspire my aviation/airline career.
MegAnn Streeter

In memory of WASAP Ethel Meyer Finley, 43-W-5
Richard Shaffer

In memory of WASP Mary Edith Engle, 43-W-4
Nancy Engle

In memory of LaVerne Bryan
"Thank you for inspiring me and those who come after by your sacrifice and passion for the air!
It is beyond words alone and can only be felt by those who love to fly!"
by Wendi Carpenter

Margo Cook, Ginny Woods, Pearl Chamberlain,
"Thank you for what you did for your country and for inspiring women to become pilots."

In loving memory of WASP Beverly Jean Moses, 44-W-5
Chaplain CPT Jeff Clemens, U.S.Army

In memory of WASP Betty Greene, 43-W-5

In memory of WASP Margaret Ringenberg, 43-W-5
"I first learned about the WASP when Margaret Ringenberg spoke to the Michigan 99s chapter. What an amazing part of aviation history! Thank you to all of the WASP!"
Nicki Acker

In memory of WASP Mary Parker, 43-W-5
"Aunt Mary, you will always make all of your five nieces so proud!"
Sally Keil

In memory of WASP Lydia Dorothea Linder Kenny, 43-W-4
"We, Lydia's children and grandchildren are so proud of the service these brave women gave to our nation.
The recognition is long overdue!"

Aleta Rohde

"This donation is in memory of my brother, Jack Coombes, who introduced me to flying, but died as a result of a Vietnam War illness. He told me about the WASP program, long before it became public knowledge."
Robert Coombes

In memory of WAF A1C Jeanie A. Donovan and USAF SSgt Paul V. Donovan III
Matthew Donovan

In memory of Wanda Strassburg
Cynthia Douglas

In memory of Mary Hartson, 43-W-5 (1944) and her brother Kent Hartson
"Mary was a courageous women, miles ahead of her time. She has a wonderful family she never met and we love her. Hew brother, Kent, a 'sea bee' in WWII, passed away a week ago, We are sad."
Vicki Chase

In memory of WASP Anne Noggle, 44-W-1
Jill Gernetzke

In memory of Esther Berner and Margaret Ringenberg, WASP
"This is in memory of two great ladies from Indiana who were wonderful people and great pilots."
- anonymous

In memory of Elizabeth and Bessie Coleman
Victor Glover

"In memory of Dr. June Gray who believed women could do anything. Thank you for serving and setting an example for so many others can follow."
Martha Herb

"In memory of all the WASP who gave their lives in service to our country"
Russ & Cheryl Krichbaum

In memory of Edwin J. Drielow USN - WWII
"I am an avid pilot and meet up with the WASP every year that attend AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI. I've never seen such a lively group of elderly ladies. Their enthusiasm and dedication to their mission and our country is very inspiring."

Edward Krielow

In memory of Lt, Michael Scott Lamana (Pentagon 09/11/01)
"Please know that all your sacrifices are not forgotten."
Danielle Lamana

In memory of WASP Harriet Call
"Harriet Call was my first flight instructor when I was 17 years old back in 1967."
Richard Lieb

In memory of Lt. Col Yvonne 'Pat' Pateman, WASP
"Pat Patemen befriended me in 1991. She opened her circle of friends to me and helped me see the difference that early pioneers can make even late in life."
Sandra Adams

In memory of WASP Caro Bayley-Bosca, 43-W-7

In memory of WASP Nancy Batson Crews, WAFS
"Thank you for your service to our Great Country"

In memory of 1st Lt. Eva Ross Levine, RN, WAC, WWII, Africa, Italy
"Welcome Home"

In memory of May S West
Stanton Musser

In memory of Gail Roberts
Barry Roberts

In memory of Mittie E. Parsley Schirmer, WASP
Ann Pfeifer
Angelia Stanley

In memory of Betty Jane (BJ) Williams, WASP 44-W-6
"BJ Williams was an amazing lady and Air Force officer. She did throughout her career and thereafter to advance the role, acceptance and appreciation for women in military service in America. BJ is all about what America needs to continue to be strong, compassionate and effective leaders world wide. Her impact will long be remembered, respected and cherished."
Teresa VandenDolder

"In memory of my mother, Connie Volk, who worked during WWII on radio assemblies."
Virginia Volk

In memory of Raleigh Edgar
Carol and Tom Wheeler

In memory of Barbara Davis
"Thank you for your service."

In memory of Bonnie Jean dorsey (Shinski)

In memory of Muriel 'Mimi' Lindstrom Segall, WASP 44-W-2

In memory of Florence H. Boswell, RN
Robert Boswell

In memory of Aleta Grill Johnson, WASP
"I knew Aleta when she participated in the Central New York Chapter of the Ninety-Nines in the 1990s. Sometimes I would meet her in our local supermarket, and used to tell her, 'I'll bet you're the only woman in the store today who has logged 100 hours in a B-25!' She passed on a few years ago; I wish she could participate in the Gold Medal Celebration."
Marcia S. Buller

In memory of Lt. Col Terri Gonderman, USAF
M. Teresa Centner

honor of


"In honor of Every WASP--1,102 of America's Finest!"
Nicole Malachowski

In honor of WASP Betty Blake, 43-W-1 |
by Gathryn Gaetke

In honor of WASP Margaret Ray (Ringenberg)
Marsha J. Wright

In honor of WASP Sara Payne Hayden, 44-W-10
by Janet Baldwin

All the Dedicated Women of WASP
by Janice Curry

Thank you WASP
Nathaniel Brown and Naomi Davidson

In honor of Lt. Col Diane Doty
by Theresa Murray

In honor of WASP Ruth Shafer Fleisher
by Richard and Lois Stern

In honor of the WASP of Missouri
Lt. Col (ret) Margaret 'Peggy' Carnahan

In honor of Candace Finnegan - 747 Pilot

In honor of WASP Dr. Dora Dougherty McKeown,
" A truly great representative of all women in Aviation"
by Captian Kelli Hughes, American Airlines

In honor of WASP Eleanor 'Mickey' McLernon Brown, 44-W-9

In honor of WASP Jane Marie Wood
by Dave & Susan Davies

In honor of Lt. Col. Nicole M.E Malachowski, USAF & Helen Porte, WASP
by William Shelton

In honor of WASP Dora Dougherty McKeown, 43-W-3
by Victor Shaner

In honor of Norma Penny Halberg

In honor of Margaret A. Cook
Melanie Hancock

"To ALL who the women who came before me."
Dana Nelson

In honor of WASP Jane Baessler Doyle, 44-W-4
Laurie Preston

"For my great aunt WASP Sara Payne Hayden.
Your story has inspired me to keep striving whenever I am discouraged by roadblocks."

Janet Bladwin

In honor of WASP Jan Goodrum
"Keep your shoulders back and act like you know what you're talking about
. Everyone else will think you do too!"

On behalf of WASP Adeline Ellison
Joan Paynter

In honor of Sara Hayden, WASP
Trish Sauve

In honor of Margaret E. Neyman (Martin) 44-w-7
Fred C. Smyth

"In honor of all these brave women, as well as those that came before and those that have followed."
Barbara Peterson

WASP Mary Lou Neal, WASP Irma 'Babe' Story, WASP Jan Wood
by the San Fernado Valley 99s -- Very proud to have 3 WASP in our membership.

In honor of WASP Deanie Parrish
Allison Barber
Barby Williams
Mark Dibrell
Nancy Parrish

In honor of WASP Betty Blake
"I had the honor of meeting Ms. Blake @ the 2007. She had a wonderful story to tell and left a lasting impression on me. I hope that she is well and is able to receive the award that she so rightfully deserves."

In honor of WASP Pearl Judd, 44-W-8
by Christine Malcomson-Young

In honor of Alex Dietrich
by Rita Greene

In honor of all WASP, Women Pilots and Col. Brad Dolliver
Sarah Jane Dolliver

In honor of WASP Mildred Duke Caldwell, 43-W-5
by Len Caldwell

In honor of Deanie Parrish, 44-W-4
"Dear Deanie, please accept congratulations from a fellow Wacoan. The Congressional Gold Medal is an honor you so richly deserve. I'm so proud of you and all the 'fly girls' who blazed the trail for future generations of women military pilots. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your distinguished military service during World War II. You are truly an inspiration to all young American girls who dream of taking to the skies in service to their country" Sincerely, Nancy Bryant

In honor of WASP Florine Watson, WAFS
"I met Florine when she spoke to our Leadership Texas group. Love her and want to honor her service."
Billie Day

In honor of all women in aviation careers of military service.
Deneice King

"To honor WASP Sara Payne Hayden, for her WASP service and years of service to the 99s.

Georgia Pappas

To The WASP-- "Thank you."
Greg Landers

In honor of WASP Mary Lou Neal, 43-1

In honor of Bonnie Jean Dorsey - WASP Class of 44-8
"Before the message I received from Ms. Dorsey's granddaughter I never knew about the WASP program. Now and for the rest of my life I will hold the women that participated in WASP during WWII on the highest pedestal. These women ROCK!"

Armando Jaurequi

In honor of WASP Shutsy Reynolds
by Jeanne Godwin

To the WASP, on behalf of women of USNA Class of 1986
"I was a graduate of the USNA in 1986, and currently work as a civilian at a VA Medical Center.
Thank you so much to you ladies who served before us! Congratulations!!
Agnes Jensen

On behalf of Roberta Zimmerman
Joseph LeoGrande

In honor of Kate Crognale, LT, USN
Michael A. Crognale, Capt, USN (Ret)

In honor of my dear friend Peggy
Karen Dawson

In honor of Deanie and Nancy Parrish
Kathleen Johnson

In honor of WASP Kay Gott Chaffey, 43-W-2
"I have known Kay for 25+ years. We have flown together and shared many great stories. This gal is tireless to this day and is still active writing her books about her flying adventures. It is agreat honor to know her, and about time we recognize all the WASPs living and dead for thrie great contribution to the war effort so many years ago.She still keeps me laughing."
Al Castaldi

"ALL the WASP who paved the way for our generation of female aviators."
Stephane Wolfgeher

"In honor of the WASP, Ninety Nines, WAFs, military women in all aspects of aviation!
You are an inspiration that keeps me going!
Karin Moore

In honor of Lt. Col Linda Stokes-Crowe
"My mother, a Lt. Col. and squadron commander, shared the stories of the WASP and I am awestruck by these amazing woman! Thank you for serving our Country selflessly and please know how much of an inspiration you are today! It saddens me to know that this ceremony has taken so long to transpire! You all should have been given a Hero's Welcome when returning home! I will share your incredible stories with my daughters! Thank you! It is an honor to help with this important ceremony!"
Athena Haus

"In honor of the WASP, who inspire me every day."
Amy Strebbe

In honor of Jewel (Roettger) Beaumont-Navy Wave, 1942
"Thanks for your service."
James Eckart

On behalf of Bonnie Brookshire
Ed Kaplan

In honor of Alexanne Dietrich
Deborah Gaynor

In honor of all the WASP
Amy Nathan
Sandra Lopacki
Morris Brown
Deanna Ketterer
John Roll
Beverley Hirzel
Linda Street-Ely
Lucy Young

In honor of Nicole Malachowski
"My daughter is at the United States Air Force Academy and plans to become a pilot. The WASPS were an inspiration to her in her decision to be a flygirl. You girls are great and an inspiration to all young girls that they can do anything."
Anita Summerlin

In honor of WASP Elain Harmon, WASP Marty Wyall and WASP Lorraine Rodgers
Colleen Toussailnt

In honor of ALL WASPS who contributed to freedom's victory.
E.J. Thomas

In honor of Kathleen Titland (Kelly) WASP
Susan Foley

In honor of WASP Elaine Harmon, 44-W-9
Richard Conaway

In honor of Jan Wood, Babe Story and Mary Lou Neale,
"Thank you for being our inspiration."
Madeline Kurrasch

In honor of Marge Frenzel
"When I was a new pilot, Marge gave me my tail wheel training in the early 1990's when she worked at Amelia Reid Aviation at Reid-Hillview airport as a flight instructor. I have lost touch with her now but am in awe of her accomplishments."
Betty Patterson Bucci

In honor of the WASP service to America
Nicholas Williams

In honor of WASP Dorothy Swain Lewis, 44-W-6

In honor of Florence Shutsy-Reynolds
"Your friends in Bay Village send their warmest congratulations. It is truly an honor to know you! We will always be grateful to your beloved (and so very, very proud) sister Eleanor."
Laura and Kirk Barrett

On behalf of Lorraine Rodgers and Elaine Harmon
Elaine Bianco

On behalf of all the women who served during WWII
"Thank you for your service to our country and your gutty determination to aid the war effort. I'd like to think that I would have had the courage and dedication to do the same. And thank you for paving the way for the successes of the women of today!"
Pamela Bullers

In honor of Francis (Buford) Pullen
Jessica Bunnell

"In honor of all Flygirls - you are truly inspirational."
Stacey Cabral

On behalf of Rose Marie Cooper
"God bless them all!"
Michael Cooper

On behalf of Bonnie Brookshire
Amy Garcia

In honor of all WASP
WASP Shirley I. Thackara, 43-W-3

In honor of WASP Jan Wood
Marian H. Last

In honor of Mary Koth McCabe
Sharon Knox

In honor of Mary Hartson
Maxine Labbe

"In honor of Deanie Parrish and her work for recognizing the WASP"
Maurice Labens

In honor of WASP Dawn Seymour
Finger Lakes Chapter 99's


William Broxterman
Laura Smith
James Newport
Alexander Demarzo
Susan Ballew
Lin Stokes-Crowe
Elizabeth Thomas
Bernard Dorsey
Lee & Billie Martin
Kathryn Baehr
Marilyn Moseley
Nora Donnelly
Robert Iversen
Ken Mercer
Lori Robishaw
Lance Berrier
Gregg Schmidt
Ronald Winter
Jeannie Dismukes
Sam Baldner
Stephanie Bingham
Kimberly Dougherty
Connie Reeves
Roberta Zimmerman
Holly Shoger
Toni Mullee
Tom Jones
Peter and Becky Lappin
Thon Griffith
Franklin Lamm
Colonel Steve Strobridge, USAF ret)
James G. Piros
Mark and Patricia Seaman
Esther A. Wyaadt
Barney Crosby and Kathy Endres
Robert Lull
Louise Scudieri
Joyce Meier
Barbara E. Selke-Kern
James Gravier
Rosslyn Young
Delores Stanford
Ellie Caston
April Hull
John E. Krause
John and Lyn Siebold
Andrea Lawrence
Susan M. Dunay
Natasha Flaherty
Bonnie Belanger
Janna Vail
Jutta Siefert DudleyGeorge Schumaker

Ruth Helm
CMSgt Kathleen M. Wood, USAFR
Colonel Johathan Myer, USAF (ret)
Fincent J. Tobola
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Buehrig
Judith A. Toben
Patricia Hange
Robert Peterman
Elizabeth H. Lambert
Harry E. Rogers
Molly E. Tewksbury
Linden Barber
Nancy Berra
Hilary Haydu
Caroll Lane
Kristen Skeehan
Chris an dPenny Caaige
Brittany Bodart
Margaret J. (Jo) Meachem
Janet S. Sarbou
Rachel Ellis
Suzanne DeGraff
Nancy Edelen
Kimberly Elmore
Ronald R. Lamb, LTC, USAF, Ret
Karen and Robert Hanmer
Melinda Lyon
Connie M. Norwood , CW3, USArmy (Ret)
Olgo A. Russo
Thomas Palmer, RRVA
Alice Stratton, RRVFPA
Mary Stewart
Sheree Van Berg
Nathan Vonada
H.W. Williams
Mary Dougherty
Coleen S. Scarborough
Carron Thomson Blodgen
Edward Bryant
Robert A. Duncan
Ellen M. Nobles-Harris
Fr. Anthony Palazzolo
William B. Tilghman
Kay Johnson
Don Dyer
Arleight B. Hughes
Thomas F. Calocci
Stayce Harris
Bruct Paton
Rheba Kuehl
Mrs. John L. Bates
Dorothy Veiluva
Dorothy Westby


Military Officers Association of America
Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association
Indiana Chapter 99's Inc.
Virginia Chapter of the 99's
All Ohio 99's
Utah Chapter 99's
Finger Lakes Chapter 99's
Mary Holtschneider, on behalf of Women in Aviation
Katheleen Yodice, on behalf of Law Offices of Yodice Associates
St. Louis Women With Wings Chapter, WAI International
Bellbrook Firefighters Association
Ann Egan on behalf of The Columbus Ohio 99's
BGen (Ret) Linda McTague, on behalf of Present Day Women Military Aviators
Henry Downs Chapter, NSDAR
Women in Aviation, Capitol Region Chapter
New York Wing-Civil Air Patrol
Thank you on behalf of the River Rats
Thank you on behalf of Brave Women who fought to serve our country.
Thank you on behalf of Wally Funk

and to the Women In Military Service to America Memorial Foundation

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